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Martial Arts 3D is fully compatible with:

  • Symbian 6 Series 60 1.0
  • Symbian 7 Series 60 2.0
  • Symbian 8 Series 60 2.6
  • Symbian 7 Series 60 2.1

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Available languages

  • English
  • Spanish



Versions of Martial Arts 3D

All versions of Martial Arts 3D
Version License Language O.S.
Martial Arts 3D 1.1 08/11/05 Trial version English
  • Symbian 6 Series 60 1.0
  • Symbian 7 Series 60 2.0
  • Symbian 8 Series 60 2.6
  • Symbian 7 Series 60 2.1

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If you have the skills, arenas world wide are waiting for you to conquer the throne in the ultimate street fighting game for mobile handsets. Martial Arts 3D offers an astonishing fighting experience in different arenas across the world against plenty of opponents trained in different martial arts techniques.

Fight your way through three different championships in the battle to become the martial arts champion, unlock hidden bonus modes or play against your friends in realtime multiplayer over bluetooth!

Game Features include:

  • Complex fighting system with: canned combinations, side steps, tech rolls, counter hits, juggle combos and more!
  • Five characters with unique fighting style, moves and combos!
  • Three game modes:
  • "Challenge Mode" - three difficulty levels, each with different set of fighting missions!
  • "Single Fight" - select opponent, difficulty level and rules...
  • "Versus Mode" - multiplayer fighting over Bluetooth!
  • Hidden bonus modes!
  • Support for multiple languages: English, Spanish, Polish and Chinese!

In Martial Arts there is no such thing as fair play!

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